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Our fees and costs are established with transparency, according to the rules of the law profession, taking into consideration the work accomplished, the time passed and the result achieved.

During the first appointment, we usually give to the client all the explanations and clarifications concerning the amount of our fees and costs and the method of calculation.

Our fees are established, through a convention signed by the lawyer in charge of the file and the client, either on hourly calculation or on fixed basis, depending on the nature of the case, the importance and the complexity of the case, the specificity and the inherent difficulties of the file, the urgency.

Moreover, a complementary fee of result may be agreed in case of success at the end of the trial or after a transactional negotiation.

Members of an Association certified by the Tax Authorities, the law firm MUSCHEL-METZGER accept the payment of fees and costs by cheque or credit card (decree n°77-1520 of December 31, 1977).